Note Hitter - Sing or play to pop the notes

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Game Choices

Note Hitter contains a suite of games accessible to anyone who enjoys music. Each game helps with your sight reading and playing skills. Flash Cards teaches note recognition; Note Hitter teaches you to read ahead to know what's coming; and Don't Go Back teaches you to play in tempo and resist the temptation to correct mistakes.

Flash Cards

How many notes you can hit in 30 seconds? Play each note as it appears. If you hit it it changes to the next note.


Note Hitter

Hit the notes as they progress towards the window. If you let them get to the window then the game ends.


Don't Go Back

Hit the notes as they move through the hit zone. If you miss one just carry on. Going back will hurt your score.


While you're having a great time you'll actually be learning music!

From a gentle start the options build up to 3 octaves at tempos of up to 180 bpm with notes chosen from 6 types of exercise and all tonics. That keeps even the best musicians busy! Once you have earned a feature you can go for the next one or deselect it to concentrate on a particular configuration until you're ready. If you can't wait to earn all the options then you can purchase them instead. There is also a transposition option for the more advanced. This shows the written notes as they would be for a different instrument while keeping the range that your instrument can play in.

Improve your sight reading/singing

Improve your scales and arpeggios

Apple app on iTunes